What is the Business Carnival?

The Business Carnival is an event to help bring awareness to, promote, and support the local small businesses of cities across the United States. Our mission is to unite local businesses with their communities and have a good time while doing it! Our carnivals are not the typical carnival you have come to know over the years. Our main attractions are not rides, dunk tanks, or cotton candy....Our main attractions are local businesses, your neighbors and their products. The Business Carnival is an event that the entire family can enjoy. There are numerous activities for kids of all ages, plenty of food to enjoy, and best of all...A variety of local shops to choose from. We also feature Top Fortune 500 companies. You can expect to see local businesses, young entrepreneurs, and top household name companies at our Carnivals.

Why should I attend the Business Carnival

Business Owners/Vendors: Our Business Carnival's are dedicated towards helping you grow your business. Attending one of our carnival's is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness, network with other local business owners, Fortune 500 companies, and your neighbor entrepreneur. Are carnival's receive great media coverage that will also help you to increase your brand awareness and reach your target audience. We have an inspiring community of entrepreneurs and business owners that, like you, are looking for new ways to make their small business more efficient, flexible, and profitable. The Business Carnival is an event you do not want to miss, no matter what stage your  business is in, is it a great chance to connect with potential customers.

How much does the Business Carnival cost?

The Business Carnival is always a FREE event for the general public.  We are always looking for new exciting vendors to participate in our event. Vendor booth fees are based on location. To learn more about how to register for a booth please CLICK HERE

How do I sign up to be a vendor?

Thank you for your interest in participating in this event. Please  CLICK HERE  to find out more, and register with us to be a Business Carnival Vendor. 

What city will the Business Carnival travel to next?

The Business Carnival will be in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2018. To pre-register for our Atlanta carnival or any upcoming cities please CLICK HERE. 

I want to sponsor this event. How can I contribute? 

The Business Carnival is always looking for sponsors, it is a great opportunity for us and you! We are currently accepting monetary and product sponsorship. Please fill out a Sponsorship Agreement and a member of our team will reach out to you.