Welcome to Dore University, the first school dedicated solely to entrepreneurs. Dore University was funded by private investors to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to create a successful business. It doesn’t matter what point you are at in your business, we are here to help you excel and take over your market! This University will provide you with a mentor and instructor that will teach you everything that you need to know in order to be successful. We also have a team of investors that are actively looking to find new startups and small businesses to help fund and elevate. So sign up, tune in, and EXPERIENCE GREATNESS!

Dore University
School for Entrepreneurs
Providing you with the tools to plan, start, and grow your business.

What is Dore University?

DU is an university dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship. The university will act as a one stop shop for all things needed to transform every student from aspiring entrepreneur to dominating players in their chosen industry.

Where did the idea of DU come from?

Our CEO's Ayanna Lee and Dorian Ducksworth had the idea for Dore University after a discussion about the cons of traditional universities. School is not for everyone. Not to say that college is not important, some people simply would much rather get their information for their major and continue on with their life versus spending 4 years taking irrelevant courses and obtaining debt. 

What does DU offer?


Dore University offers an easier and more affordable option for entrepreneurs who seek to increase their chances of success. We offer classes for entrepreneurs who are in the start-up stage, and entrepreneurs who are ready for expansion. Your business becomes our baby, and we are there with you every step of the way to ensure your success. From website designs, business cards, social media strategies, securing working capital and investors, our team at Dore University does it all!


What is the difference between DU and other online colleges?

What differentiates Dore University from other colleges and online courses, is that we have active investors and successful business owners who teach classes. Our mission is to cut the time and price of attending a 4-year college, while still offering stellar services and classes that will help elevate each entrepreneur and help them reach their utmost potential. There has never been an university solely dedicated to the advancement of your business like DU. We do not require you to take every class  we offer, we believe in an à la carte system, which means you take what you need and you customize your educational experience. We have the resources and the knowledge to elevate your business. 


If you’re looking to become one of the most successful business owners in your field, follow in the path of our great staff and EXPERIENCE GREATNESS!

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