September 2021 

Dee Holt

The Prelude

Earlier in the summer, Apple Fried Apple took social media by storm! Darian Holt,  the founder of the popular organization, has received a lot of attention nationwide from media outlets such as BET, Good Morning America and other platforms. AFA has also been given products from brands such as Snapple, Mott's, Dole, Martinelli's and Popeyes.

Darian says the term began by his students believing that his fraternity "Alpha Phi Alpha" was actually named Apple Fried Apple. Darian mentions how the students had called him that for weeks before he finally gave in and decided to play along with the students. After deciding to adopt the name, Darian allowed the students to get line shirts, which are shirts that Greeks wear to the probate that represents a nickname given to them. Darian then decides to share the photos and videos from the probate online, and it quickly spread across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Love

Surely, receiving an outpour of support from family, friends and fans would be a wonderful experience for anyone. Darian did not hold back from expressing how much the love and support was overwhelmingly great. Darian expresses how many others have given him gifts and has recognized him all over America from the brand, which was an ecstatic feeling that he describes as the most memorable moment from this entire process. The love and support has been so great that he is already in the works of creating another line. Darian explains that not only he desires to give all of his scholars the opportunity to join, but hopefully children from all across the globe.

Who is Darian "Dee" Holt?

Darian Holt is a 27 year old influencer, entrepreneur and teacher from Jackson, Mississippi. You may have seen Darian on The Shaderoom, WatchTheYard, news stations or other media outlets for his whit and humor. Darian has also been featured on Jacksonian Media as the cover in July of this year. Some of Darian's future goals are to use his likeness and influence to bring joy to others and to get paid to entertain others while being himself.