Meet the man 'behind the dore'

Dorian Ducksworth

CEO/ Founder

Dorian Ducksworth, 22, created Dore to be used as a passageway to present his innovative ideas to the world. Dore is not simply a company. Dore is innovative, inspirational, and fresh. Dore is the future. Dorian Ducksworth, a young man from the west side of Jackson, MS had dreams of a better life, for not only him and the people around him, but for the people of the world. Most of Dorian’s peers are lead to believe success is measured by materialistic items. Dorian is different. He is driven by his passion to help others succeed. Throughout his life he has always been a provider, helping those around him as much as he can. Dorian finds happiness in seeing others succeed.  Dorian finds inspiration in the lives of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, and many other noble activists. He plans to continue to be active in not only his community, but communities all over the world; Helping people reach their full potential, and being an activist for the rights of all humans, from all walks of life. He is a well-respected member of his community, and plans to become the world’s youngest billionaire.

Prior to creating Dore, Dorian attended Jackson State University and majored in Sociology. It was at Jackson State where Dorian discovered his love for helping others and vowed to devote his life to doing so. In 2015, Dorian started the Dorian Youth Foundation. He gathered a group of his peers and set out to make an impression on the lives of the youth in his community. For the next two years Dorian and his team would volunteer every third Saturday of the month to do a community service project with the kids they mentored. After the success of the youth foundation, Dorian was struck with a thought. “Why limit myself to helping the youth, when there are so many people in the world who are not where they want to be and need assistance? It was in this moment that The Ducksworth Foundation came to fruition. The Ducksworth Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing resources to assist the people of the general population elevate to their next level in life. Dorian is currently working on this project and plans to launch in 2018.

Picking up on his passion for helping others, Dorian also created the Dore Social Marketing Agency. The DSM allows businesses to tap into their social audience and increase awareness and revenue for their company. Dorian saw the struggles of his fellow entrepreneurs and how difficult it was for them to tap into their full potential when it came to marketing their products. Dorian, having no knowledge of social marketing stayed up day and night for weeks learning and studying. He used his God given talent for innovation and creative thinking, tied that in with the research he had and Dore Social Marketing was born. Dorian found a unique and successful formula for startup companies to bypass the initial struggle of exposure to customers. DSM specializes in creative social marketing campaigns, search engine optimization services, web development and design, brand development and so much more. DSM does much more than simply marketing, they build social empires.

"Opportunities don't happen,

you create them"